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Published Law Books

"California Landlord-Tenant Practice"
Contributing Author: Clifford R. Horner, February 2010

  • link to purchase here

California Real Estate Brokers, "Law and Litigation"
Contributing Author: Clifford R. Horner

  • link to purchase here

California Eviction Defense Manual
Contributing Author: Clifford R. Horner

  • link to purchase here

"Miller & Star California Real Estate"
Contributing Author: Scott W. Singer

  • link to purchase here

Commercial Property

A Landlord's Decision to Pursue Breach of Lease Damages - Art or Science?

Authors: Clifford R. Horner & Scott W. Singer

When will a Landlord's Notice of Non-Responsibility for Tenant Improvements Fail?
Authors: Clifford R. Horner & Daniel Rottinghaus

Premises Liability: What a Commercial Property Owner Needs to Know
Authors: Clifford R. Horner & Erika D. Harrington

Mechanic's Liens: Can Public Property Be Subject to Contractor's Mechanic's Lien Rights? - You Bet it Can
Author: Clifford R. Horner & Frederick Hagan

Commercial Unlawful Detainer Law: The Nuts & Bolts
Author: Scott W. Singer

The Elements of Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment
Authors: Phillip Stoermer & Scott W. Singer

Tenant Bankruptcy: Understand the Basics and Minimizing the Impacts on Landlords
Author: Clifford R. Horner

Tricks and Traps of an Exclusive Use Clause -The Landlord's Perspective
Author: Scott Singer

Limited Partners: You don't have to take it anymore General Partners: Beware Fiduciary Duties of General Partners during the Merger and/or Liquidation of the Partnership's Assets
Author: Clifford Horner

    General Litigation

    The Discovery Process: What to Expect and How to Prepare If You are a Party to a Lawsuit
    Author: Clifford R. Horner

    When Trade Secrets Walk Out the Door, California Court Employer Must Prove Actual or Threatened Misappropriation of Services
    Author: Clifford R. Horner

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